Installing and Running EZPhysics Editor

This basic introduction will help you start the editor, load a demo file, run a simulation.

Unzipping the package

Download the latest EZPhysics Editor file from sourceforge anywhere onto your disk. It will open a directory called EZPhysics in which you will find Media_EZPhysics and Windows <Graphics Library> <architecture> subdirectories. Select what you want to use and open the folder.

Running the application

  • Run the application EZPhysicsEditor.exe.
  • Select your Ogre Rendering System Options by highlighting each line and setting your configuration parameters. Set the “Full Screen” option to “No”.
  • File→Open the file EZPhysics_Demos.sim located in the Media_EZPhysics directory. You should have two windows now, one with the editor and one with the Ogre scene. On the left tree, select a Scene node.
  • Press the Start button and the simulation will start.

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